Rage Room - Channel 4

Rage Room - Channel 4

Rage Room : 8 episodes Channel 4 All4

Original music: Nick Norton-Smith and David Roper

Rapper: The awesomeness that is Zeb Tonkin……encoremusicians.com/Zeb-Tonkin


Russell Kane is set to host Rage Room, a show in which two people will compete to lose their sh*t.
Been jilted at the aisle? Convince our panel of your pain and you can smash the hell out of a replica of your wedding day.
The perfect cathartic release for the digital stress head generation.

Russell Kane along with a weekly celeb co-host will interrogate their stories as they try to find the most deserving of the two. Whilst the loser is sent home with a stress ball, the winner gets the Rage Room of their dreams built; with all their key trigger points realised in a brilliantly visual set. They will then be allowed to trash the Rage Room in a brilliantly cathartic and comic finale.

Exec. Lynn Sutcliffe, Mighty Productions

Series Producer, Danny Bell

Commissioning Editor, Joshua Buckingham