The music was f*cking amazing
Hugh Grant – “One Rogue Reporter”

I have always found it real difficult to get the music score right for a finished film. Working with Nick has been really easy, probably the easiest I ever experienced. He got the score right within a week and we were all really pleased with the final results. I would recommend Nick to anyone!
Gigi Berardi, producer/director – “The Jungle Surgeon of Myanmar” – Al-JAzeera 2013

“I am convinced that Nick is the most patient man in the universe! I am not musical and yet I knew exactly the kind of title music I wanted for my series. Could I describe it? Nope. Could Nick translate my random thoughts into the perfect music? Yes. This was a complicated project. No time and many egos to manage and Nick did a brilliant job at making everyone feel part of the creative process. Once we put the music to our pictures the result was amazing.”
Benedetta Pinelli, series producer – Homes and Property – talkbackTHAMES

“Nick Norton -Smith has provided a stunning original score for my short film ‘Rose, Mary and Time’. He has captured an ethereal mood to perfectly encapsulate the style and emotions of the scene, to bring life to the dialogue and the film. His work on a Murder scene was impeccable and completely original. One of the best examples of thinking musically out of the box I have heard all year. Brilliant”
Hardeep Giani, producer/director – BBC

“When you’re not at all musical, like me, it’s quite hard to describe the sort of sounds you want for your fairly ridiculous comedy quiz. But after seeing just one preview and having a couple of conversations where I said things like, ‘the music needs to be funny but serious, over the top but not too wacky, tense but still funny’, Nick somehow managed to get it spot on, first time and helped give our chaotic show the professional element it so desperately needed.”
Alex Horne, Devisor/ MD – “We Need Answers” – BBC 4 comedy quiz show

“Nick was able to interpret a very difficult brief to produce a highly original and innovative score for the animation film we produced. Nick is highly creative and passionate, consistent, reliable and extremely easy to work with. I very much look forward to working with him again.”
Jade Bell creative director – Parview International/Battersea Power Station

“Nick judged the tone of the show perfectly, and walked a fine tightrope between the grandiose and the silly to give our quiz the stamp of an authority it didn’t really have.”
Mark Watson, Comedian – “We Need Answers”

“It has been a great and rewarding experience working with Nick.
He composed a wonderful score for our promotional film-great in concept understanding and delivering amazing work in no time. Highly recommend him!”

Zornitsa Petkova, Zornitsa Films

“When we got Nick’s music the show stopped being a slight, divvy piece of nonsense and was transformed into a grand, divvy pile of nonsense.”
Tim Key, MC – “We Need Answers”

“Nick was able to take a complex brief and work very quickly to produce a striking and catchy theme for the re-launch of Lorraine Kelly’s daily show on Gmtv. He stayed calm and focused when we changed our minds and moved the goalposts and was more than happy to produce revised versions at short notice a real boon for a TV producer. He also isn’t precious about his work and is happy to take on board suggestions and revisions whilst defending the integrity of his music.”
Helen Mcmurray, Head of Programme Presentation – Gmtv

“Nick came on board to compose music for a documentary about Karen refugees in Burma. This is highly sensitive subject and upon first viewing of the cut Nick just got it. He came up with 3 fantastic pieces which worked perfectly in the film. I look forward to working with him again.”
Gary Forrester – Soul Rebel Films

Nick was an absolute pleasure to work with in every respect. For this particular project he excelled in both the performance and delivery time, being both precise and extremely punctual. Nick also agreed to a fee that fitted perfectly within the budget. Looking forward to working with him on a regular basis in the future. Highly recommended!!
Mark Summers, CEO Scorccio – www.scorccio.com

“Nick composed several superb tracks for 4 web commercials I directed. Nick worked fantastically well under pressure and within a tight deadline producing music that not only suited the fashion commercials perfectly but were also wonderful pieces in themselves. Nick was great to work with, composed incredibly quickly and I would recommend him to anyone seeking a composer.”
Vicki Psarias, Director, THE GATE FILMS

“Nick has worked with us this year to develop a soundtrack for Friendship Works to use on videos and films. This formed part of our brand development work. Nick has been a pleasure to work with from start to finish, from discussing the initial needs and concepts, to interpreting these and arranging production of the final piece as something we can use across a range of communications. He has managed to accurately capture the spirit of our brand and style of communications, and we’re extremely pleased with the results.”
Jenni Mathewman – Friendship Works

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It is an enchanting experience to come across such a wonderfully amicable and creative talent such as Nick. A truly inspiring composer.
Suzie Irlam, producer of 3D animation short Timothy – Timothy

“Having known Nick for a number of years, first as his teacher then as a colleague, I can honestly say that he is one talented, skilled, creative musician and composer. He is able to grasp what is needed very quickly and shape it with imagination.”
Amit Sen, head of jazz arranging and composition – Royal Academy of Music

“I recently had the pleasure of working with Nick Norton-Smith on an artist residency hosted by Fuel and Dartington Hall. Nick combines technical agility with an incredible intuition and an intrinsic respect for the artistic process. I found him to be open to new ways of working, encouraging, professional and proactive. I look forward to our next collaboration.”
Rachel Blackman, Artistic director of Still Point Theatre and Performing Arts Consultant, stillpoint theatre

“Nick Norton Smith has worked with the Pleasance on a number of occasions, and each time has created an ideal score for the projects we have commissioned. The most recent was a short film celebrating 25 years of the Pleasance at the Edinburgh Fringe. The music Nick has composed not only compliments the film in terms of its style and pace, but also brilliantly captures the essence and atmosphere of the organisation. He is a pleasure to work with, and we very much look forward to the next time we can work together.”
Anthony Alderson, General manager/Producer – Pleasance Theatre Trust Ltd

Nick Norton-Smith was recently commissioned to score the feature film ‘Seeing Smoke’ of which I was the writer and lead actor. When I first saw the screener for the film, I was amazed at how Nick’s music captured the essence of what we were trying to say with the film. The music is sympathetic to the script and serves to highlight the emotional content in a truly remarkable way. I was really exceptionally pleased with Nick’s work. I don’t see how we could have done better.
Patrick Maloney, Screenwriter/Actor – “Seeing Smoke”

“Nick Norton-Smith provided the music for ‘Seeing Smoke’ a feature film set in the north of England. I was very impressed with Nick’s professionalism. He hit very tight deadlines and delivered a superb score to the film. He captured the emotions of each scene brilliantly and the underscore to the Harry the main character almost told the story without the dialogue.”
Glen Mortimer, Director – “Seeing Smoke”

“With what was looking like an impossible deadline, Nick came up with a range of musical ideas to create the final score. Nick’s work gave a great balance of hands off control which was ideal for this project. Thanks again Nick.”
Gemma Sethsmith, Director/producer – LifeMosaic – “Kampar”

“We had a very tight deadline. Nick was patient and modified our existing soundtrack by giving us a live professional recording that was a great fit. He listened to what we wanted and delivered the goods, you can’t ask for anything more.“
Rita Solanke, Director – “Re-Cycle The Story of the Bicycle”

We asked Nick to write and produce some believable yet comical music for a spoof advert. If JML doesn’t release a product called ‘Nick Norton-Smith: A Composer With Eighteen Different Uses!’ I’ll be surprised.

Seriously: Nick was great. Top quality music delivered on time, and the final piece not only fit the brief but enhanced the narrative.

In summary: we asked him to write him to write some annoying advert music. He did such a good job inever want to listen to what he wrote us again!”
Chris Wickett Writer/producer/actor “Skepticism”

Nick Norton-Smith composed the music for my short film Lady Luck.

Nick had an almost instinctive feel for what I was trying to achieve and composed some truly incredible music to score a fairytale adaptation of a DH Lawrence short story about a boy who finds he can predict the winners of horse races by riding his rocking horse.

Nick was a joy to work with, unflustered even with very tight deadlines and a rapidly expanding brief! I found him to be extraordinarily creative and with a rock like consistency kept coming up with the goods¹ time and time again.

I loved working with him and found it a very rewarding experience indeed. Many many people have committed on how good the music for my film is and I can¹t wait to work with him again.
Jo Lewis, Director/Producer – Breakneck Films

Check out Nick’s portfolio here.


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