BAFTA Young Games Designer ident

Composer and sound designer for new YGD website, TX early 2015.
YGD is BAFTA’s gaming initiative for 10-18 year olds. If you love video games then stick around to find out how YGD could help you turn your gaming idea into a reality. Whether you love to code, draw or write the story, YGD will show you how you can turn your hobby into a career.
Throughout the year, YGD runs workshops up and down the country with some of the top gaming professionals, where you can come along and find out more about the gaming industry and the roles which might be perfect for you.
Watch our video series with Kim from Yogscast who goes behind the scenes at the UK gaming companies to find out how they make their amazing games.
YGD also provides information, support, and resources for teachers who want to include game making as part of their teaching materials.